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Current Month's Release Notes

The November 2021 PBIX Update can be viewed here.

The Planview Spigit Master PBIX File is now available

Custom fields are now available in a pivoted format within the Power BI Embedded interface.

Planview Sunsets Support for Legacy Excel Reports. Details are available here.


Welcome to the Planview Spigit Current Month's Release Notes page. Here you will find everything you need to know about the current month's releases. As of 9/22/2020 Spigit now has a weekly release cadence. (See this article for more information.) Additionally, the Spigit Release Note Archives contain information on releases going back to 4.0, and the TeamTap Release Note Archives contain information on releases going back to Fall, 2021. 

Spigit and TeamTap Release Notes

May 25, 2022 Release

Insights Update – Planview Spigit Data Driven Innovation

We are excited to announce the release of our new analytics capabilities that harness an out-of-the-box data driven innovation model. Our new model incorporates Spigit Ideas data alongside TeamTap data, providing access to meaningful crowd insights through the power of machine learning and natural language processing.

Following the release of TeamTap, we have moved towards a complete crowd engagement application which gathers ideas from within enterprise challenges as well as from topics and themes that the crowd chooses in TeamTap. When combining these two powerful features, the data that is generated becomes vitally important in showcasing where challenges, opportunities, problems, or successes are happening within your organization. In leveraging TeamTap to capture ideas in a more organic way, your organization can benefit from a close to real-time sentiment from the crowd. This update is designed to place the data from that engagement and sentiment at your fingertips.

To learn more about TeamTap, check out our introduction here.

This update is specifically centered around ten new tabs that are contained within the SpigitModel. You can access them by using the Insights page in your Spigit application. All the tabs leverage TeamTap data which, once the feature is enabled, will flow into the model automatically. If you are already using TeamTap, your data will appear automatically.

The objective with the new model is to offer an automated clustering of hundreds of thousands of characters and words that are contained within your Ideas, Taps, and Tap Responses. Leveraging machine learning, our model reads this unstructured data content, understands it, and then processes it into visualizations that are designed to highlight emerging trends from within your data.

You will also notice new types of visualizations which are designed to highlight which themes users are engaging with most frequently. This is tied into your user data model and allows user activity to be tracked by any user attribute that you have registered in the application. For example, you can track the location of a user, and model that location against their activity level, or by which themes they interact with.

To view all the new analytics, click the links below:

All Data Clusters

TeamTap1 - TeamTap Key Themes

TeamTap2 - Tap Drill Dashboard

TeamTap3 - Tap Clusters

TeamTap4 - User Activity Breakdown

TeamTap5 - Tap Explorer

TeamTap5a - Tap Explorer Activity

TeamTap5b - Tap Explorer Themes

TeamTap Sentiment Influencers

TeamTap Release Notes

May 11, 2022 Release

Advanced Filter

As we continue to deliver new capabilities into TeamTap, we are focusing on user-facing enhancements to the product. These enhancements are often the product of feedback and usage tracking across TeamTap. In this round of updates, we are delivering our new Advanced Filter to TeamTap Home.

The new advanced filter option supplements the existing Tap filters (Open, Closed, My Taps, Bookmarked, etc.) with a new suite of options that are designed to make Tap searching and filtering a richer experience.

Advanced Filters.gif

Figure 1 - Advanced filter panel

The advanced filters are located on the left panel of TeamTap Home; giving the user a unified search and filter experience. Each filter, including text searches, can be used independently or in conjunction with another filter to provide an instance search of Taps.

Filters are divided into sections that are designed to offer specific filter options. These include Response status, Tap created date ranges and the number of Responses posted.

Each filter section can work with the core Open, Closed, My Taps, Bookmarked, and All filters in the upper section. Please note that the counts against these filters will not update when an advanced filter option is applied.


Figure 2 - View of all standard and advanced filters

The individual sections contain a Clear option which can be used to remove a selection that has been previously made by the user. The Clear Filters at the top of the panel will clear all the advanced filters at once as a master reset.



To clear text in the keywords box, the X icon should be used. Clear Filters is not intended to override the keyword text or any selected standard filter in the upper section.



Spigit Release Notes

April 27, 2022 Release

Minor Admin UX update 

Warning message on Disable User action to be more descriptive of consequence.

Projectplace Integration update for Deleted Ideas

We have fixed an aspect of the sync process that occurred when previously synced ideas were deleted. The sync action is now error-free.


April 20, 2022 Release


We have taken steps to remediate a potential Client DOM Code Injection vulnerability that was identified in our Checkmarx SAST security scan (dated 1/24/2022).

This vulnerability concerned some isolated areas of functionality and has now been fully tested and validated as fixed.


April 6, 2022 Release


As part of our regular SAST security scan, we identified a vulnerability with client DOM stored code.

Following an investigation, we can confirm a fix for this vulnerability that corrects and addresses the root cause. This fully remediates the vulnerability.


We have successfully completed the upgrade of the Spring framework that supports the Spigit Ideas application. This work sees Spigit Ideas now running version 5.2.20.

Projectplace Integration

We have been investigating an issue that is caused by previously synced ideas being deleted from Spigit Ideas. The integration attempted to re-sync ideas in this scenario, which caused an error to be displayed.

We have updated the sync job to improve its monitoring of the idea status, removing the errors in this scenario.


April 1, 2022 Release


As part of our regular SAST security scan, we identified a vulnerability with client DOM stored code.

Following an investigation, we can confirm a fix for this vulnerability that corrects and addresses the root cause. This fully remediates the vulnerability.