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Current Month's Release Notes

The Planview Spigit Master PBIX File is now available

Custom fields are now available in a pivoted format within the Power BI Embedded interface.

The May 2021 PBIX Update can be viewed here.

Planview Sunsets Support for Legacy Excel Reports. Details are available here.


Welcome to the Planview Spigit Current Month's Release Notes page. Here you will find everything you need to know about the current month's releases. As of 9/22/2020 Spigit now has a weekly release cadence. (See this article for more information.) Additionally, the Release Note Archives contain information on releases going back to 4.0. 


Email Templates

Phase Emails

Following several reports of issues with phase email templates, we have carried out an investigation. During the investigation, we confirmed that phase email customizations were being reverted to the default whenever a challenge was updated.

We have now implemented a change to prevent the phase email templates from being reverted when any changes are made to the challenge configuration. This will work for all phase configurations up to the maximum of ten. There is no change in the behavior for the administrator: simply configure and save the template as normal.

Security Updates

Upgrade Handlebars Version

Following our internal security scan process, we have upgraded the versions to version 4.5.3. This is in response to a finding that versions of handlebars prior to 4.3.0 are vulnerable to Prototype Pollution leading to Remote Code Execution.