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Current Month's Release Notes

The November 2021 PBIX Update can be viewed here.

The Planview Spigit Master PBIX File is now available

Custom fields are now available in a pivoted format within the Power BI Embedded interface.

Planview Sunsets Support for Legacy Excel Reports. Details are available here.


Welcome to the Planview Spigit Current Month's Release Notes page. Here you will find everything you need to know about the current month's releases. As of 9/22/2020 Spigit now has a weekly release cadence. (See this article for more information.) Additionally, the Spigit Release Note Archives contain information on releases going back to 4.0, and the TeamTap Release Note Archives contain information on releases going back to Fall, 2021. 



HMTL Code Injection 

Following the identification of an issue relating to the ability to inject HTML code via the user registration page, we have taken action to prevent this.  

During a penetration test, a scenario was identified whereby the user registration fields could be used to inject HTML code. Specifically, this relates to the first and last names on the standard registration page.  

This has been updated so that any attempt to insert HTML code will trigger the following errors to the user: 

First Name contains illegal characters. Access Denied. 
Last Name contains illegal characters. Access Denied.