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Define Criteria for Data Extraction

! This article has been merged with the Data Warehouse Export article !

What's New

You can define criteria to specify entity data to be extracted for export. Deleted data entries are not extracted.

Note: Defining criteria on Financial Fields is not available.

How it Works

  1. In Step 1 of the Data Warehouse feature, from the Item Types list in the left pane, select the Entity that you want to extract.
  2. Click the Criteria tab.


  3. In the Criteria tab, enter the Criteria into the text field. For more information about setting the Criteria, see REST API Guide Version 2.
  4. To check the syntax of the Criteria, click the Check Syntax button.
  5. After the data is exported, an email notification is sent. Asterisks indicate the entities that were extracted based on the criteria.