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Show default currency for financial fields

Hybrid Work supports the default currency and multi-currency settings in the application. It means that all financial fields shown in Hybrid Work will show the default currency and hide the code based on the User settings. For example, when the default currency is "USD", it is the currency that is used for all financial fields. If multiple currencies are used, the default currency selected is always used (as CORE).

Setting up default currency in the User details

To define a user's default currency:

  1. Go to the User details and select Local Currency.
  2. Select the Default currency. and decide to show the Local Currency Code. If the toggle is ON, it means that the currency letters “USD” will be hidden from the financial fields since Users know all financial fields are USD.

Hybrid Work Support

All financial fields displayed in Hybrid Work will show the default currency and show or hide the currency code based on the User details. The support is extended to all modules supported in Hybrid and views:

  • Grid tab
  • Card tab
  • Details tab
  • Right side panel