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Planview Customer Success Center

Winter 2022 (January 30, 2022)

Release date: January 30, 2022


New features

Functional area


Data Warehouse Enhancements

Criteria for Data Extraction – you can define criteria for extracting data.

Entity Fields Selection – you can select the fields to be extracted.

Email Notification Enhancements – you can set up notifications for when Data Warehouse starts running.

Third and Fourth Daily Runs – you can schedule up to 4 runs per day.

Google Cloud Storage support.

SFTP Server support.


Show Financial Data – new option to include financial data in your widget.

Mobile Reporting App

Table Sorting – you can now sort in Tables in the mobile app.

Profile Selection – you can now select a profile in the mobile app.


Client Certificate-Based API Authentication - this feature is now in General Availability.


Multiple rules for lookup filters – you can define multiple rules for lookup filters and choose the source of the comparison field.

"Find window columns" added for Placeholder Resources – Administrators can define the fields that are displayed when users search for resources.


Hide Grand Totals row in crosstab tables – new option to hide the Grand Totals row in crosstab tables.

Aggregate functions on formula columns in crosstab tables – Average, Sum, Min and Max functions can be applied to formula columns in crosstab tables.

Resource Capacity

User Capacity for Inactive Users – Capacity of users is now automatically adjusted when they are added or removed from the system.

Notice – Manually set action

To improve usability, avoid unnecessary calculations, and achieve consistency with all field types and the different editor modes on how "Manually Set" is defined, we are modifying how fields are manually set.
We are adding a "Set" option to all Editor Modes, to allow users to easily set a value in a field as "Manually Set."


Notice – Large Dataset Reports

When large dataset reports are being generated, customers may sometimes experience timeouts and poor performance, which leads to adoption challenges and business impact resulting in logged support tickets.

We are planning to modify the way in which large dataset reports are generated and provided to end users, by aligning to common practices in the SaaS model.

A Report Preview will provide the option to export the report to Microsoft Excel or PDF format. The report will be processed in the background, and an email notification will be sent to the user when the report is ready for download.

Notice – Tasktop and AdaptiveWork Connector

We are happy to announce the availability of the first Tasktop and AdaptiveWork Connector, which is focused on the Jira Integration. This V1 release version will include:

  • Support for all standard Jira issue types, except for Projects
  • Support for all AdaptiveWork API authentication mechanisms (Basic, API Token)
  • Logging/Audit capabilities