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View Permissions for a Project in the Enhanced Permissions Mode

This update introduces the new Enhanced permissions project visibility property for the system enhanced permissions level. When the property is disabled, internal users assigned to a project as a resource can no longer view the entire project unless they are assigned to a work item within the project. In such case, they can access the assigned work item and all its’ child items. By default, the property is enabled, which means that in the enhanced mode, resources assigned to a project have full visibility into the project structure.​
The property does not affect:

  • Project Manager and Project Owner
  • Additional Managers
    Note: Additional Managers are not assigned as a resource on a project, therefore, this property does not apply to Additional Managers.
  • External users

The property applies to:

  • Users assigned the Owner role at a work item level.

  • Users assigned the Resource role at a project or work item level and users added as a Resource to the project using the Add button in the Resources panel.

To enable the property:

  1. Login to AdaptiveWork as a system administrator.
  2. In the top-right corner, click your name and select Settings.
  3. Click the System Settings menu item.
  4. Navigate to the 3. Permissions section.
  5. Enable the Enhanced permissions project visibility property.
  6. Click Save.