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Planview Customer Success Center

Fall 2022 Update 2 (November 20, 2022)

This release includes new features that are available to all customers, as well as features in Controlled Availability, and bug fixes.

New Features

Functional area


Hybrid Work – Card View  Select other user types in cards – Board Owners and Editors can now customize the User type displayed on the card. Learn more 
Hybrid Work – User Settings support 

Default currency and Show/Hide currency code – Hybrid Work now supports the default currency settings set in the User details.  

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Controlled Availability Features

*NOTE: These features will be released soon. Customers with sandbox environments who would like to enable these new features should contact their Customer Success Manager.

Functional area


Resource Management 

NEW! Job Title Placeholder Resources - Administration and Terminology Change

  • New: The ability to add Job Titles as members of User Groups and manage their cost and billing rates.
  • Change: Job Title placeholders, previously referred to as a Job Title in Group (or JTIG), will be known as Group Job Titles when the Administration capability is generally released.

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NEW! Group Job Title Cost and Billing Rate Usage and Inheritance Changes

  • New: The ability to include Group Job Title cost and billing rates on Rate Cards. Learn more 
  • New: The ability for User Resources to inherit Group Job Title cost and billing rates. Learn more
Resource Management 

NEW! Aggregation Of Capacity Data Fields in Reports 

This change will be introduced for all customers as General Availability in Q1 2023 as part of our quarterly release.

Change: We are introducing new behavior when Capacity Time Phased Data fields are aggregated using Grouping in report tables.  

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Project Management

Locking Monthly Data

We are introducing a new capability to lock monthly project data to prevent changes to items such as: Timesheets, Non-Labor Resources, Resource Assignments and Cost and Billing Rates. 

This capability ensures that previously stated costs and revenues remain unchanged, and more accurate forecasts can be produced.

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Resource Management

Retain Resource Capacity when Filtering Reports

In the September 11th Release we introduced a new behavior when Capacity Time Phased Data is used in Reports. This change will be introduced for all customers as General Availability in January 2023 as part of our quarterly release, but it is currently available on request for customers with sandbox environments. 

There are three main changes:

  1. Filters using Labor or Staff Time Phased Data fields will no longer filter out resources shown in the Report. Only the Labor or Staff Time Phased Data included in the report will be affected.
  2. Resource Capacity in time periods where resources are not assigned to work items will no longer be excluded from the report.
  3. Advanced logic filters will only support definitions for fields from Labor or Staff Time Phased Data. Filters on User, Group or Capacity fields will be applied to the Advanced logic filter using the "and" operator. Any attempt to use the fields in the Advanced logic will be prevented.

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General Notices

Functional area


Manually set action

Coming January 2023!

To improve usability, avoid unnecessary calculations, and achieve consistency with all field types and the different editor modes on how "Manually Set" is defined, we are modifying how fields are manually set.
We are adding a "Set" option to all Editor Modes, to allow users to easily set a value in a field as "Manually Set."



Feature Deprecation Notices

Functional area


Online Chat Deprecation

As of April 1, 2023, the online chat will no longer be available and the 2 buttons associated with it will be removed from the user interface (see image). 

With Microsoft Teams and Slack being the de facto standard tools for online team communications, the decision has been taken to invest in product integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, and sunset the legacy chat component, which is not being used. 

Walkme Deprecation

As of January 1, 2023, the Walkme integrated solution, its associated UI buttons, System Settings (2.6; 2.7) and in-app tooltips will be removed and no longer be available.

Customers who have directly implemented Walkme’s using the AdpativeWork system settings should consider opting-in and utilizing the Walkme browser extension to continue to benefit from the service.