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Multiple Managers for a Work Item

This release introduces the Multiple Managers functionality for projects, milestones and tasks.


When more than one team is involved in completion of a project or a work item, the ability to assign multiple managers to the same work item provides AdaptiveWork customers flexibility to manage their work in a much more efficient, transparent and intuitive way.

You can also increase visibility into the project’s or work item’s progress by assigning key stakeholders or direct managers as one of the project or work item managers to view what work has been done, track progress, and identify risks.


Since this is a Beta release, the Multiple Managers functionality is not enabled for customers by default. Learn more how System administrators can enable the functionality in AdaptiveWork Labs.

Even though the Multiple Managers functionality is not enabled for customers by default, the Manager role is renamed to Owner for all customers starting with the FA’15 Update 5, independent on whether the Multiple Manager functionality is enabled or not.


The Owner Role

Prior to the update, only one manager could be assigned to a work item. A Manager was responsible for a successful completion of the assigned work.

In a multi-manager environment, to promote accountability and identify a single individual responsible for the completion of the assigned work, the Manager role is renamed to Owner. In other words, the Owner role is not a new role, instead, it is the renamed former Manager role.

Similar to the former Manager role, only one Owner can be assigned to a work item. Owner is assigned at the project creation time, and if no user is explicitly assigned to the role, Project Manager automatically becomes the Owner.

The Owner is also a manager and is always listed in the Managers field in addition to any other assigned managers.

The Managers Role

The new Managers project-level role is added in this update. Project managers or other users with full privileges for the work item can assign more than one manager to the same work item to allow teams work in parallel by creating their work plan, scheduling and assigning resources.

In the role hierarchy, Managers are at the same level as the Owner and receive full privileges for their work items.

All users assigned as managers appear in the new Managers Panel for a work item.



The multi-managers functionality is not enabled by default.

Note: The functionality can be enabled in AdaptiveWork Labs starting November 11, 2015.

To enable the functionality for your environment:

  1. Log in to AdaptiveWork as a System administrator.
  2. In the top-right corner, click your name and select Settings.
  3. In the top menu, click System Settings.
  4. In the menu on the left, click AdaptiveWork Labs.
  5. Select the check box next to Enable Multi Managers.
    You can turn off the functionality at any time by deselecting the check box.

  6. Click Save.