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Rich Text custom fields

What's New?

You can now create custom Rich Text area fields and use them in new item forms, custom action forms tabular views and reports.

You can also convert existing custom Text Area fields to Rich Text Area fields


Improved formatting of structured text, like commentary or bulleted lists which can also be displayed in grids (list views, work plan, report tables) improves readability.

Note: this capability is different from the Overview field that offers additional formatting capabilities such as tables, coloring, embedded images that cannot be reliably displayed in tables.

How it works

Admin users set up Rich Text Area fields from the Configuration screen

1. Creating a new Rich Text Area field

  1. Create Custom Field
  2. Select Field Type" "Rich Text Area" from


2. Converting a Text Area field to Rich Text area

Normal behavior of custom fields is that once you have set the Field Type, it cannot be modified.

Rich Text Area field introduces a new capability where you have an existing custom Text Area field, you can convert it to Rich Text Area.

1. Edit the Field

2. Field Type is editable and will allow you to change to Rich Text Area


How much text can Rich Text Area contain?

Like text area fields, rich text area fields have a limit of 2000 characters.

Note that the formatting of the text is a subset of HTML and consumes characters from the 2000 character limit.

Known Issues

You can start working with Rich Text area fields today in forms, views and reports.

The following areas will have full support added in upcoming releases.

Mobile App

Rich Text markup characters currently display as HTML tags.

Slide Publisher, Document Publisher

Rich Text markup characters are not yet converted to Powerpoint or Word format and currently display with HTML tags.

Export to Excel from Views

Rich Text markup characters are not yet converted to Excel format and currently display with HTML tags.

Export to Excel from Reports

Reports which include Rich Text fields that have content in, are not successfully exported to Excel.