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Winter 2016 Update 2 (December 27, 2015)

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This list provides a preview of the new features planned for the release and may change at the time of the release. Stay tuned!

December 27, 2015


The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.


New feature

Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data Affected audience
Multiple Managers for Work Items System administrators
Project-level users
iHub Notifications System administrators
New Fields for JIRA Integration System administrators


The below table summarizes a list of issues fixed in the release.

Functional Area

Issue Description

Authentication Granted access loops.
Business Rules

GetFileUrl(CurrentObject(), null) not returning null in custom field for custom action.
Workflow error issue with modified audit trail app.
Unable to share widget or send email for Request Details when VR is enabled.
Salesforce Event not triggered when criteria is set on Currency field and the criteria is set to Is Not Empty.
SFDC v3 account is not syncing information correctly to AdaptiveWork.

AdaptiveWork custom fields of Multiple Picklist type do not synchronize to Jira custom fields of the same type.
Priority fields cannot be mapped.
The Link to existing item page doesn't support pagination.
Comments from JIRA are not syncing to AdaptiveWork Social.
Multiple entries created in iHub for the same JIRA item.
Access to project attributes in JIRA issue event definition.
Event condition for text with Starts With not working.
Performance Task list only showing 50 tasks even though All is selected.
Overall performance and load speed.
Resource Load Color-coding error in the resource load for a user. When a resource is overloaded on a certain day, the whole week is colored red.
Reports and Dashboards

Cannot download report.
External users unable to see Customized Reports created on user entity.
Bubble chart not sorting field on Y-axis.
Discrepancy between Chart and table id="ntable" data.
Task fields missing when adding columns to dashboard panel.
Incorrect Totals on Dashboard.
Relations column appears with empty title.
User can't see reports after admin shares folder.
Filter criteria not clearing.
Time Tracking Future Date Tasks appearing in current week view.