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Planview Customer Success Center

Release at a Glance

November 22, 2015


The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.

New feature

Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data Affected audience
View permissions for a project in the enhanced permissions mode System Administrator
All project users (in the enhanced permission mode)
Usability improvements for dashboards with two or three columns All users
Color-coding enhancements for the Gantt view Project Managers
All project users
Color-coding enhancements in the Calendar view Project Managers
All project users


The below table summarizes a list of issues fixed in the release.

Functional Area Issue Description
Authentication Manager is unable to update task percent complete, remaining effort, etc.
Business Rules When using a multi-select pick list to call a task that is sitting in a global variable type ‘project’, selecting multiple options in the multi-picklist, only populates one task branch but skips all tasks in other selected branches.
Function GetRuntimeparameter does not work for Multi-Select Pick List.
Custom Panel Filter is not working in the function JsonObjects in the custom panel.
Customer An error is displayed when attempting to add contact information in the Customers module.
An error is displayed when attempting to insert a particular contact entity through the API.
GUI Missing scroll bar in the "Time Reporting Compliance" report.
Integration Session issues in iHub on EU data center.
Packaging or Licenses or PO form Deleting Users returns the "Nullable object must have a value" error message.
Performance Performance improvements while creating and deleting work items.
Various issues with user profiles.
Recycle Bin Project cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin.
Reports and Dashboards A report with custom fields does not display the data correctly.
Report chart is not displaying correct data.
A database error when adding conditional formatting to a report.
Social When posting a comment to a discussion in the related panel in a multi-project view, and changing the project before submitting the reply, the response is lost with no warning alert message displayed.
WBS Planner View including expended screen Searching for an existing milestone by name or ID returns an error.
Work items operation and Calculations Expected and actual revenue values differ while time spent and rates as per plan.