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Create or Link Google Files using Configurations

Users can specify a new or existing file to be uploaded to a folder in Google Drive (new or existing) using the same New Item action.

See also: Adding Related Items.

How it Works

  1. Go to Settings > Configurations.
  2. In the Item Types pane, select Action Item.
  3. Click Create New > Custom Action.
  4. In the Set Actions section, for the NewObject, select New Item.
  5. In the Select Entity Type list, select File.
  6. For Type, select Google Doc.
  7. To upload a file to the existing Google Drive folder:
    1. Click the Existing Folder option.
    2. In the $URL/Path/Name field, enter the full path to the folder.
  8. To create a new Google Drive folder for the file:
    1. Click the New folder option.
    2. In the $Folder name field, enter the name for the new folder.
  9. In the $New File Name field, enter the file name. Be sure to include the file extension, which indicates the Google Doc type:
    • .ppt – Google Slides
    • .docs – Google Docs
    • .xslx – Google Spreadsheet
    • .png – images 



      The .docs (Google Docs) file type is used by default when no file extension is specified.