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Step 2 - Configure Target Database Destination

Edit sectionStep 2 - Configure Target Database Destination 



  1. From the Database Type drop-down list, select where you want to export the data to:
    • Flat files only - S3
    • Flat files only - BOX
    • Flat files only - Azure Blob Storage
    • Flat files only - SFTP Server
    • Flat files only - Google Cloud Storage
    • Amazon Redshift
  2. Enter a Database name
  3. Enter a target schema name, e.g. AdaptiveWork.
  4. Enter the host, port number, and credentials for your target database account.
    • For SFTP Server (host - specify the IP address, port - set to 22 by default)
  5. Click Test Database Connection.

Note: AdaptiveWork recommends performing this test to ensure successful export to your selected database. If the connection fails, make sure you’ve entered your database information correctly and try again.