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Planview Customer Success Center

2023.R03 (February 19, 2023)

Release date: February 19, 2023

New features

Functional area


Hybrid Work

Quick Filters

Use Quick Filters to set up multiple filters, which provide quick access to desired data in one click so that you don't have to repeatedly edit the filters on the board. 

Deleting and Archiving Boards

  • Boards can be removed from the displayed list and archived for 45 days and restored later if needed. 
  • Boards can be deleted, which removes them from the displayed list permanently. Deleted boards cannot be restored.

Searching by Name 

You can search for items by name on all modules that are supported in Hybrid. As you enter letters in the Search field, the view changes to show only the matching work items. 

Showing and Hiding Card Columns 

You can hide columns that are empty and not in use. Hiding columns reduces board clutter when the Group By option is used with a pick list field that has many values of which some might be irrelevant in the context of the specific view. 

Reordering Card View Columns by Owner/Editor 

Project Managers can specify the order of the columns for the card view in their boards. Board Owners or Editors can drag and drop columns and set the order for their team work.  


New Function – GetStartOfFinancialPeriod 

GetStartOfFinancialPeriod function accepts a date, a period type (m, q or y), and a period quantity (number), and returns the calendar date of the first day of the resulting fiscal period (after applying a shift of the number of periods to the supplied date). 

Project Management

Update Forecast

The Update Forecast action automatically updates the forecast work and resource task assignments in your projects based on actual and remaining effort each time a replanning event is required. 

You can use Update Forecast to: 

  • Easily plan and update task assignments, per resource, based on remaining effort 
  • Update the budget based on actual work to date, and plan for later periods accordingly 
  • Lock the assignments in earlier periods, which prevents the future plan from being affected and preserves the historic data required for reports and audits. Locks prevent past periods from being updated and skewing data for reports and planning. 

Resource Management

Retain Resource Capacity when Filtering Reports 

Treatment of Resources when Capacity Time Phased Data is included as related data in a report: There are three main changes: 

  • Filters using Labor or Staff Time Phased Data fields no longer filter out resources shown in the Report. Only the Labor or Staff Time Phased Data included in the report are affected. 
  • Resource Capacity in time periods where resources are not assigned to work items are no longer be excluded from the report. 
  • Advanced logic filters only support definitions for fields from Labor or Staff Time Phased Data. Filters on User, Group or Capacity fields are applied to the Advanced logic filter using the "and" operator. Any attempt to use the fields in the Advanced logic is prevented. 

Aggregation Of Capacity Data Fields in Reports 

We are introducing new behavior when Capacity Time Phased Data fields are aggregated using Grouping in report tables. Previously, capacity field aggregation was limited to grouping by certain fields (for example, User Item ID, User Group Item ID, etc.). It is now possible to aggregate any Capacity Time Phased Data column when grouping by any field that is related to Capacity Time Phased Data. 

Field Behavior

Manually Set

To improve usability, avoid unnecessary calculations, and achieve consistency with all field types and the different editor modes on how “Manually Set” is defined, we are modifying how fields values are manually set. A “Set” option will be added to all Editor Modes, to allow users to easily set a value in a field as “Manually Set.”


Controlled Availability Features

NOTE: These features will be released soon. Customers with sandbox environments who would like to enable these new features should contact their Customer Success Manager. 

Functional area



NEW – Formula Column sources no longer required in Crosstab Tables

Fields that are used to create formula columns in reports no longer have to be included in the report table, which makes it easier to create reports, prevents errors, and can reduce unnecessary clutter. 

Example report before new feature



Example report after new feature



Close Fiscal Month 

We are introducing a new capability to lock monthly project data so that changes to data in timesheets, non-labor resources, resource assignments, and cost and billing rates are prevented. 

The ability to lock project data means that previously stated costs and revenues remain unchanged and more accurate forecasts can be produced. 

Data Warehouse Export

Export files into the root directory

We are introducing a new option to export all files into a single folder in the root directory without creating subfolders.  

The new functionality supports additional databases: 

  • BOX 
  • S3 
  • SFTP  
  • Google Cloud Storage  
  • Azure Blob Storage 



Export to Amazon Redshift storage will not support this option 


Resource Management

Job Title Placeholder Resources – Administration and Terminology Change 

  • New – Job Titles can be added as members of User Groups for managing their cost and billing rates. 
  • Change – Job Title placeholders, previously referred to as a Job Title in Group (or JTIG), will be known as Group Job Titles when the Administration capability is generally released. 


Group Job Title Cost and Billing Rate Usage and Inheritance Changes 

Notice – Hybrid Work Release – Wave 4

As of this release, all remaining customers whose environments are hosted on the US Data Center ( will have the HybridWork solution available in their production environment. 

Notice – Change to DWH Export entities selection and exported data

To prevent duplicate data from being exported, which increases the export file size, export time, and post export processing, a new set of rules and guidelines for allowing entities to be selected in the DWH UI will be introduced. These guidelines will restrict which entities can be marked and selected for export. In general, entities can be selected for either the parent entity or the specific sub-entities, but not both. Further details about the entities that are affected will be published in the next release notes in March 2023. 
This change is effective October 1, 2023. Customers will be required to make changes to their DWH UI entities selection and any post export processing before then. 



After the change, accounts that have not implemented new guidelines with have the following behavior: 

  • On first access to the DWH configuration UI, a message will prompt the administrator to update the entities selection according to the new guidelines and make the necessary changes to filtering criteria and fields selection. 
  • In cases where no changes according to the new guidelines are implemented, the exports where duplicate parent/child entities selection exist will only contain the lower level entity (sub entity) records data.            

Notice – User Provisioning

Updated version of Planview AdaptiveWork integration with Okta is now published on the Okta Integration Network (OIN) at:  



The only changes are the new logo and app name.


Notice – App Center

The authentication app on the box App Center (, which is required for setting up as a storage destination for Data Warehouse Export, has been renamed to: Planview AdaptiveWork – DWH Export.

Feature Deprecation Notice – Online Chat deprecation

As of April 1, 2023, the online chat will no longer be available and the buttons associated with it will be removed from the user interface (see image). 


With Microsoft Teams and Slack being the de facto standard tools for online teams communications, the decision has been taken to invest in product integrations with these tools and sunset the legacy component which isn’t being used. 

Feature Deprecation Notice – WalkMe in-app guides

As of January 31, 2023, the Walkme integrated solution, its associated buttons, System Settings (2.6; 2.7), and in-app tool tips will be removed and will no longer be available.  

Customers who have directly implemented Walkme guides using the AdpativeWork system settings should consider opting-in and using the Walkme browser extension to continue to benefit from the service.