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08. Meeting Notes, Action Items, and Decisions in Slide Publisher


Use Slide Publisher to create:


  • Share meeting agendas and summaries
  • Show the list and the progress of action items
  • Consolidate decisions into a single report

How it Works

Enter the Slide Publisher wizard, and proceed according to one of the following use cases:

Creating a Project, Program, Portfolio, or Customer presentation with related Meeting Notes, Action Items, and Decisions

  1. After choosing the main Item Type (Project, Program, Portfolio, or Customer), select List (Related Item) as the data type to import.
  2. In the What will this list show field, select Meeting Notes, Action Items, or Decisions.
  3. Complete the wizard to add the data fields and create your presentation.

Creating a Meeting Note presentation with related Action Items and Decisions

  1. Before getting started, make sure you have the latest version of the Slide Publisher app. If you have a previous version, click here to update it.
  2. Choose Meeting Notes as the main Item Type.
  3. Select Field or List (Related Items) as the data type to import.
  4. For Field, select the Data Fields. For List, select Decisions, Action Types, Participating Users, or Participating Contact Persons.
    • Agenda and Notes fields are treated as rich text area fields
    • Participants are split into Users and Contact Persons. Contact Persons are relevant for Meeting Notes created via Start Zoom Meeting.
  5. Complete the wizard. Save and upload your presentation. You can also download and use one of our sample templates.
  6. To publish your Meeting Note’s presentation, expand the Meeting Notes panel and open the Actions tab: