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2023.R12 (October 8, 2023)

Release date: October 8, 2023

New features

Functional area


Hybrid Work - Relations support

Support of Relation fields in Hybrid Work

The Relation fields are now supported in all modules: Portfolios, Work Items (Program, Project, Milestone, Task) and Cases (Bug, Issue, Request, Risk). These fields can now be viewed, added or removed from the Grid and in the Details panel.


Relation fields are also supported in the Hybrid filters at the Board settings or in the View for Users to visualize for example only specific resources. 


Hybrid Work - Roadmap enhancements

Usability enhancements

The following usability enhancements improve the visualization and printing of Projects and Milestones: 

  • Text size of project names is larger
  • Border for project bars is thicker
  • Default background color of project bars is darker grey
  • Extension of Milestone names (up to 45 characters) displayed at the end of the Project bars so they are no longer truncated




Change to DWH Export entities selection and exported data 

To prevent duplicate data from being exported, which increases the export file size, export time, and post export processing, a new set of rules and guidelines for allowing entities to be selected in the DWH user interface will be introduced. These guidelines will restrict which entities can be marked and selected for export. In general, entities can be selected for either the parent entity or the specific sub-entities, but not both.

For more information about the changes to the DWH configuration user interface, Entities selection rules, see Data Warehouse Export.



Accounts that have not implemented new guidelines will have the following behavior:  

  • On first access to the DHW configuration UI, a message will prompt the administrator to update the entities selection according to the new guidelines and make the necessary changes to filtering criteria and fields selection.  
  • In cases where no changes according to the new guidelines are implemented, the exports where duplicate parent/child entities selection exist will only contain the lower-level entity (sub entity) records data.  



Migrate & Deploy

Migrate & Deploy Usability Improvements

To provide a smooth and transparent experience during the configuration migration process, we now introduce the following usability and interface improvements:

  1. The progress bar will represent the loading process for comparison, validation and migration steps, providing you full visibility during the migration waiting periods. Generating the migration report step might take up to 5 minutes, depending on the amount of data that needs to be added. Unless you are prompted with an error, the dots animation in the progress bar shall be considered a work-in-progress for this particular step.
  2. To reduce the time spent on the initial selection and to clearly show which items will be selected for installation before proceeding, we added a count for selected items in the applicable items selection step.
  3. During the validation step we are now displaying all the items selected in the previous step (instead of only displaying items with dependency only, as before). Checking the toggle in the top right side of the table allows to sort items with existing dependencies.
Change History

Change History for custom objects

Change History has been added for custom objects.



This is a paid feature. Please contact your Account Executive (AE) for pricing information, and your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for enablement under Controlled Availability, which is subject to a signed SW Addendum. 


Controlled Availability Features



This feature is in Beta  / Controlled Availability. To request early access, contact your Customer Success Manager. Planview, at its own discretion, reserve the right to accept or reject a customer request to enable a feature that is in Beta / Controlled Availability (i.e. “Beta software”) state. If a customer’s request is approved,  an addendum to the Planview agreement will be required prior to the enablement of the feature in the customer environment, to address legal terms related to the use of Beta software.


Functional area


Resource Management

Changes to Resource Load/ Planning 

To optimize the load and reduce the amount of data calculated in real time on Resource Load and Planning interfaces, a new set of rules for Resource load and Resource Planning interfaces is being introduced. This change of behavior will lead to alignment of these functional areas with similar tools in the market and best practices for end user interactions. 

The product behavior will change as follows: 

  • Pagination will be implemented to show a limited number of Resources at any one time on Resource Load and Resource planning interfaces.  
  • The view period timeframe (Day, Week, Month) is currently set to a maximum limit of 52. The default behavior and maximum limit for each date filter will be adjusted to reduce real time data calculation and optimize page load.   
  • The “Save as default” setting will be turned ON by default. Each time the User changes date filters, the page size for pagination, or filters, these new default settings will be updated automatically and used the next time the same page is opened. 



  • This feature has been opened to all customers’ sandbox environments. 
  • This change is anticipated to be effective in Production for all customers from January 1, 2024. 



The following features will be released soon. Customers with sandbox environments who would like to enable these new features should contact their Customer Success Manager.


Functional area


Resource Management

Retain Resource Capacity when Filtering Reports 

We are enhancing the treatment of Resources when Capacity Time Phased Data is included in a report and related to Labor or Staff Time Phased Data. 

There are three main changes:  

  • It is possible to choose whether filters set on Labor or Staff Time Phased Data fields restrict the resources shown in a Report. If they do not, only filters defined using User/Capacity fields will determine the resources that are shown. 
  • Resource Capacity is now shown for time periods where resources are not assigned to work items. 
  • There are now two Advanced Logic filter sections split between Labor/Staff Time Phased Data fields and User/Capacity fields. Filters need to be contained in the correct section to pass the syntax check and cannot be mixed. This is so that customers can opt to restrict resources shown using User/Capacity fields only. 

The new functionality will apply only after a report is created or edited. Existing reports will behave as before until edited.  


Changes to System Settings

The following changes to system settings will take effect in November 2023. The settings will be automatically turned on for all customers that have not turned them on by then.

The product behavior will change as follows:

  • System Setting  17.1 Enable real-time updates will be turned on
  • System Setting  17.2 Project Utilization will be turned on

Following that change the system settings will be removed from the Labs section.

Changes to Extensions

The following changes will be introduced to Extensions later this year:

  • Toolbar Integration Web App will be removed
  • Intact Integration Web App will be removed
  • Planview Customer Community (Gainsight) will be added.