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Planview Customer Success Center

Spring 2016 Update 14


This is a preliminary version of the Release Notes for the Spring 2016 release scheduled for June 19, 2016. The list of features in the release may change closer to the release date.

The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.

New feature

Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data Affected audience
Portfolio optimizer System administrators
Financial users
Project resource planning Resource managers
Project managers
Packaging configurations and components for migration or backup System administrators
AdaptiveWork integration with multiple instances of JIRA System administrators
All users
AdaptiveWork integration with SharePoint System administrators
All users
Redesigned navigation bar All users
Calendar view enhancements All users
Redesigned configurable Summary card System administrators
All users
The Favorites list All users
Mobile enhancements (iPhone) System administrators
Mobile users


Issues fixed in the release will be posted at the time of the release.


The following known issue has been reported for the release:

  • A few performance-related issues, including delays in sending notification emails, execution of workflow rules, and updating values for calculated fields

We are working on resolving these issues in the fastest possible manner.