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IsPickVal Function

IsPickVal (picklistField as ObjectIdentifier, valueLiteral as String, exact as Boolean) as Boolean

Category: Pickup
Description: Checks whether the value of a pick list field is equal to the literal value. An optional "exact" parameter with options: TRUE/FALSE is for Multi-Select Picklists to evaluate if a set of values e.g. "a, b" are contained in the list of selected values e.g. "a, b, c, d" (exact parameter = False) or are the the only values (an exact match) "a, b", using exact parameter=true.
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
picklistField as ObjectIdentifier Represents a specific object field of type pick list
valueLiteral as String Represents a picklist value, as text/string of the pick list specified in the "picklistField" parameter
exact as Boolean Optional: Defines if a set of values are contained in the list of selected values. Example: If "a, b" in a list that includes "a, b, c, d", the exact parameter = False, but if the list includes only "a, b", its an exact match, parameter=true.
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value, where "TRUE" indicates that the value of the picklist specified in the "picklistField" parameter is equal to the value specified in the "valueLiteral" parameter
Example #1

Build a workflow rule on a work item that will return a TRUE if the state of the work item is indeed set to the defined picklist value. Set the evaluation criteria to