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GetAssignedProjectWorkForFixedPeriod Function

GetAssignedProjectCapacityForGivenPeriod(user as ObjectIdentifier, project as ObjectIdentifier, dateTime1 as DateTime, dateTime2 as DateTime)

Category: Resource Utilization
Description: Returns a duration value indicating the Assigned Project Work for the specified User in the current day, week or month time range for a specified project. This should correspond to the value that can be seen in the project’s Resource Planning panel and is a sum of all assigned work for a user on all tasks in the project for that time period.
Supported Context: Business Rules
user as ObjectIdentifier(User) Represents a reference to a user object or a field that returns a user object. Normally this will be a resource on a project.
project as ObjectIdentifier(project) Represents a project object for which you would like to know the resource’s assigned capacity.
dateTime1 Represents a reference to a from date as DateTime(year,month,day,hour,minute,second) e.g. DateTime(Year(Today()),1,1,08,00,00) or field that returns a date value e.g. Start Date
dateTime2 Represents a reference to a to date as DateTime(year,month,day,hour,minute,second) e.g. DateTime(Year(Today()),12,31,08,00,00) or field that returns a date value e.g. Due Date
Example #1 Create a Scheduled Workflow Rule on the User that will run repeatedly every Monday morning, and send an email to a user's direct manager if the user is overloaded in the current week. This will only check for resource availability on tasks that are "Active", "Draft", or "On Hold" In the Evaluation Criteria enter the following: IsResourceAvailableForFixedPeriod(currentuser(),"w",100, "Active", "Draft", "On Hold")
Tips Use this value in conjunction with a user’s rate to calculate projected cost or revenue from billing for a particular project.