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GetWidgetHyperLink Function

GetWidgetHyperLink (objectId as ObjectIdentifier, format as String, expirationDate as DateTime, urlOnly as Boolean, register as Boolean) as String

Category: Common
Description: Returns a widget URL for a single project or report specified within the "objectID" variable, where the "format" variable determines whether a 'roadmap' or 'gantt' type widget URL is returned, the expiration date for the widget (can be set to NULL if not applicable), and the "urlOnly" parameter is set to TRUE for only the URL or FALSE for the full HTML hyperlink.
Supported Context: BusinessRules
objectId as ObjectIdentifier(Project, UserDefinedQuery, SystemQuery) Represents a reference to a project or a field that returns a project object
format as String Represents the type of Widget you would like to receive, where the value can either be "gantt" or "roadmap"
expirationDate as DateTime Represents a date or a field that returns a date value for the expiration of the widget
urlOnly as Boolean Represents the return data, enter "TRUE" if you would like to see only the widget URL or "FALSE" to receive the full widget HTML hyperlink
register as Boolean An optional parameter that represents whether or not you would like the widget to be visible in the widget repository, enter "TRUE" to access from widget repository or "FALSE" if not accessible. If null this parameter will default to "TRUE"
Returned value as String Returns the widget URL or HTML hyperlink for the desired object specified in the "objectID" parameter
Example #1

Create a workflow rule that will automatically send an email to project stakeholders with the a link to the project roadmap each time a new project is set to Active.

In the email body of the Send Email action enter the following:

GetWidgetHyperLink(currentobject(),"roadmap", NULL ,TRUE)