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HyperLink Function

HyperLink (url as String, title as String) as String

Category: Common
Description: Returns a hyperlink based on the specified url and the title
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
url as String  
title as String  
Returned value as String  
Example #1

Create a workflow rule that will automatically send an email to project stakeholders with the a link to the project roadmap each time a new project is set to Active.

Use Cases:

There is another system I use to track account details (CRMxyz)

I want a URL that takes this account ID and creates dynamic URL on a Project record that points to my CRM record

I've created a custom field $C_CRMxyz_Account_ID where a Project Manager can input the ID

How to do it:

Create a formula field with the following:

If(IsNull($C_CRMxyz_Account_ID), "", HyperLink("" + $C_CRMxyz_Account_ID, "Link to Account"))

Very useful function for creating dynamic hyperlink(URLs) especially in formula fields. Important Note: GetHyperlink is a much better option for returning the URL to a specific AdaptiveWork record.