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HasRole Function

HasRole (role as String, obj as ObjectIdentifier, user as ObjectIdentifier) as Boolean

Category: Logical
Description: Returns a TRUE value if the user included has the specified role in the selected work item
Supported Context: BusinessRules
role as String Must be one of the following: "Reviewer", "manager" or "Resource". Note: “Reviewer” returns TRUE for managers and resources as well since managers and resources have the reviewer role.
obj as ObjectIdentifier(Work Item) Represents a reference to a work item or issue or a field that returns a work item or issue object
user as ObjectIdentifier(User) Represents a reference to a user object or a field that returns a user object
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value, where "TRUE" represents that the user specified in the "user" parameter has the "role" indicated in the object specified in the "obj" parameter
Example #1

Build a workflow rule that will only be triggered if the Current User has a specific role in a work item

Within the Evaluation Criteria enter the following:

HasRole('Reviewer', CurrentObject(), CurrentUser())

To reveal only reviewers, filter out managers and resources, like this: HasRole(Reviewer) = TRUE and HasRole(Manager) = FALSE and HasRole(Resource) = FALSE)