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Entity Fields Selection

! This article has been merged with the Data Warehouse Export article !

What's New

You can specify the Entity Fields that you want to extract. By default all fields are selected to be extracted, but you can exclude fields as required.

You can also change the default setting to exclude all new fields by default. New fields include newly-added fields and new custom fields.

How it Works

To exclude one or more Entity Fields from being extracted

  1. In Step 1 of the Data Warehouse feature, from the Item Types list in the left pane, select the Entity whose fields you want to extract.


  2. Click the Entity Fields tab. The list of Entity Fields appears in the right pane.
  3. To exclude a field from being extracted, turn the toggle switch OFF.

To automatically exclude all new Entity Fields from being extracted

In Step 4 of the Data Warehouse feature, clear the Automatically select all new fields check box.