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Adding New Time Entries


Reportable work items can have time reported on them by their Resources. If there are no Resources defined, the Owner is assumed to be the default Resource.

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Adding New Timesheet Entries

Because reporting time is the most accurate way to provide tracking of actual effort, AdaptiveWork makes this important activity accessible to you from multiple places.

Please see the figures below:

Figure 1:

Adding a time entry in a user's weekly timesheet in the Time Tracking module.

Click a cell on the days grid on the right side of the screen and an Add New Timesheet popup will appear.


Figure 2:

Report Time from a task displayed in a Calendar view


Figure 3:

Reporting Time for a task in a grid view


Figure 4:

Reporting time from a Task Details page


Figure 5:

Add New Timesheet pop-up window.


Assign Yourself to Work Items

In System Settings > Resource Management, you can define if and how people can assign themselves to work items created by others anywhere in the system. If the work item is reportable, they will be able to report time for work performed.

The options are:

  • Assigns the resource and splits the work
  • Assigns the resource with 0 units – 0 units will only be applied when assigned from Time Tracking or when creating a new Time Entry, otherwise the work will be split equally
  • Don't Allow

The default value is 'Assign resource and split work'.

Note: The system setting applies to all time-entry options (from Tasks, Timesheet module, etc.). Prior to the April 4, 2021 release, the 0 units option did not apply when entering time from the Timesheets module.

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