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Len Function

Len (text as String) as Numeric

Category: Text
Description: Returns the number of characters in a text string
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
text as String Represents a text string or reference to a field that returns a value of type text
Returned value as Numeric Returns a numeric value equal to the total number of characters in the text specified in the "text" parameter
Example #1

Return the character count within a string

Len(‘this is a test’) }} The above formula will return the number 14 Create a formula on a User entity that is set to: {{Sample| Right($email, Len($Email) - InStr($Email,'@'))

The above formula will return the string after the "@" mark. For example, for the email "", the formula will return "", since the function Len($Email) – InStr($Email,’@’) will return the exact number of charachters to the right of the "@"

Tips Review other useful text fields such as Right() and Mid()
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