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DateSubtract Function

DateSubtract (dateTime1 as DateTime, dateTime2 as DateTime, isWorking as Boolean) as Duration

Category: Date
Description: Subtracts two dates or datetime parameters (can be fields) and returns duration value. If IsWorking (optional parameter, default is FALSE) set to TRUE returns only the working duration.
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
dateTime1 as DateTime Represents the first date value as a date or reference to a field that will return a date value
dateTime2 as DateTime Represents the second date value as a date or reference to a field that will return a date value
isWorking as Boolean An optional parameter that allows you to return only work days or calendar days. Enter a value of "TRUE" for working days, or "FALSE" for total calendar days
Returned value as Duration Returns a duration value equal to the difference between the two dates indicated in the "dateTime1" and "dateTime2" parameters
Example #1

Create a duration custom field that will define the buffer a work item has between the committed due date and the planned due date. Set the formula to be:


  • To update the standard date/date time fields use workflow rules
  • View other useful date and duration functions such as DateAdd(), ToDate(), etc.
Note Duration = DateTime1 – DateTime2 e.g. DateSubtract(‘19/2/12’, ‘15/2/12’, TRUE) = 4 d
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