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GetCustomActionUrl Function

GetCustomActionUrl (customAction as ObjectIdentifier, targetObject as String, param2 as String, param3 as String, param4 as String, param5 as String, param6 as String, param7 as String, param8 as String, param9 as String, ... as String) as String

Category: Common
Description: Generates a URL string that represents a custom action with parameters
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
Parameters: customAction as ObjectIdentifier(Custom Operation)
targetObject as String
param2 as String
param3 as String
param4 as String
param5 as String
param6 as String
param7 as String
param8 as String
param9 as String
... as String
Returned value as String
Example #1

GetCustomActionUrl('Data Loader',GetRuntimeParameter(CurrentObject()))

Use Formula Options > Objects tab > Custom Actions to select the Custom Action you want to call and then send paramaters to the custom action if it needs them. Very useful when building custom actions that 'call' a secondary custom action (dependant forms)