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In Function

In (field as Object, value1 as Object, value2 as Object, ... as Object) as Boolean

Category: Logical
Description: Returns true if a specified field value is equal to any of the supplied values
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
field as Object Represents a specific object field
value1 as Object Represents a potential value of the field specified in the "field" parameter
value2 as Object Optional parameter that represents a potential value of the field specified in the "field" parameter
... as Object Optional parameters that represent potential values of the field specified in the "field" parameter
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value, where "TRUE" represents that the "field" specified has one of the values specified in the "valuex" parameters
Example #1

Create a workflow rule that will update the external user flag to false in case the user's email is one of the following domains:,,,, etc. This will automatically set the 'external user; flag to FALSE, in case the email domain includes anything with acme.


Example #2

Automatically set a user's default availability for new projects based on their job title. For example, if the user is a developer, DBA or QA engineer, they should only spend 70% of time on project related activities (as the remaining 30% is spent on maintenance work). Create a workflow that will update the 'Default Project Availability' field as follows:

If(In($JobTitle.Name, "Developer", "DBA","QA Engineer"), 70,100)

Tips To set standard field values based on formulas, create workflow rules