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Social Overview

Social Overview

This page describes AdaptiveWork's Social feature and includes the following sections:

About AdaptiveWork Social

AdaptiveWork's Social feature redefines team collaboration and participation by enabling true discussion and sharing. It allows users to transform unstructured communication into structured work processes and to facilitate high-performance teams.

Users can create ad hoc private or public Discussion Groups; groups are automatically linked via AdaptiveWork’s Discussion feed.

Internal users within the organization are automatically added to AdaptiveWork's out-of-the-box All Company Group, and can join public and user-defined Discussion Groups (based on system settings).

AdaptiveWork provides a unique social user interface that allows internal and external teams to link their conversations to every project element (task, milestone, deadline) in order to create actionable items from real-time discussions. Users can also create discussion groups on the fly and communicate through the News Feed using common social techniques — for example, using a hash symbol (#) to link objects to the discussion, or tag individuals or groups with the at (@) symbol to engage them in the conversation.

The AdaptiveWork Social feature is intended for company-wide discussions or announcements, and is also where you review the company’s public wall.

AdaptiveWork V6 streamlines work execution while encouraging transparency and participation of all project team members, by supporting full automation and workflows initiated from posts and discussions.

The various Social features can be managed via the Social module.

Accessing the Social Module

Click Social in the navigation panel.


In the Social panel, you can view all discussions from all your groups, or pick a group from the sidebar.

Use the Search field to find items in the discussions.