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Mid Function

Mid (text as String, startNum as Numeric, charsLength as Numeric) as String

Category: Text
Description: Returns the specific number of characters beginning from the position of StartNum up to number of characters supplied in CharsLength
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
text as String Represents a text string or reference to a field that returns a value of type text
startNum as Numeric Positive or negative numeric value or reference to a numeric field, to which you would like to get the text the right of the character number
charsLength as Numeric Numeric value or reference to a numeric field representing the total number of text characters you would like returned
Returned value as String Returns a text or string value equal to the text to the right of the "startNum" character with a total number of characters as defined in the "charsLength" parameter
Example #1

Create a workflow rules that takes 4 characters of a project name starting directly after the location of the "-" character within that string. In such a case, if the name of the project contains the string "Product-NP56-01" then the returned result of that formula will be "NP56".


  • The function InStr() helps you get the start position of a the substring you may be looking for
  • Review other useful related text functions, such as Len(), Right(), Left(), etc.
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