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System Boards

System Boards display items from one or more entities and are the default board that all Users land onto when switching to the Hybrid solution. System Boards cannot be customized and are showing all the data that the Users have access to. To customize Card views, Roadmap or Grid views, you must be the Owner or Editor of the board and create a Custom board.  Learn more about creating a custom board  

Module System Board name
Project List clipboard_e47c025d8322cb58514808cab02cdbae5.png
Project details clipboard_ee0239d74e91c31dec0f508b61aa8f8a3.png

Portfolio List

Portfolio details clipboard_ece9601809cdc7dfd2f9068a7a4dbd8ca.png
Task List clipboard_ec6e9eae86499d5854893aaf4dd061b00.png
Task Details clipboard_ed90613f9b0070516d6586a2abbbd2651.png
Milestone List clipboard_ef0cb1368559590dab9d65a6f4ca88c6f.png
Milestone Details clipboard_e9d38151a19cf85b3809a855ec9c596c7.png
Case List/Bug List/Risk List/Request List clipboard_e08b6623a6fe44ca3e06719ff32d54770.png
Issue details/Bug Details/Risk Details/Request Details clipboard_ecec9d496641181500099ae71216ece3c.png