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Currency Function

Currency (number as Numeric, currency as String) as Currency

Category: Currency
Description: Creates a currency with the amount specified in the number value, where currencyName (optional parameter) specifies a text currency value (such as 'usd'). If not entered, the organization's default base currency will be taken. CurrencyName is only relevant when multi-currency support is enabled
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
number as Numeric Positive or negative numeric value
currency as String An optional parameter that accepts the Currency type that you would like the "Number" parameter to be represented as. Accepts three letter currency code (such as "USD"). If not entered, the default organizational currency type will be used
Returned value as Currency Returns a currency value equal to the "number" parameter using the currency type specified in the "currency" parameter
Example #1

Create a workflow rule that automatically updates the 'Expense Approver' field to be the corporate CPA in cases where the expense exceeds a certain fixed amount (e.g. $1600).

$Total > Currency (1600,'usd')

  • To update a field within a workflow select the "Update Field" from the Set Action List
  • It is recommended to use this function while comparing base currencies