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Weeks Function

Weeks (number as Numeric, isWorking as Boolean) as Duration

Category: Date
Description: Returns duration value in weeks. If IsWorking (optional parameter, default is FALSE) set to TRUE returns only the working duration.
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
number as Numeric Numeric value or reference to a numeric field
isWorking as Boolean An optional parameter that allows you to return only work days or calendar days. Enter a value of "TRUE" for working weeks, or "FALSE" for total calendar weeks
Returned value as Duration Returns a duration value in weeks based on the "number" parameter entered either as working weeks or calendar weeks as determined in the "isWorking" parameter
Example #1

Build a date custom field for an issue that will define the maximum tolerated response date, which, in this case, is 2 working weeks for a critical bug and 4 working weeks for other other severity levels

If($severity= "critical", $CreatedOn + weeks(2,TRUE), $CreatedOn+weeks(4,TRUE))

Example #2 DateAdd
Example #3 ToDate
  • To update standard date/date time fields, use workflow rules
  • Review other date and duration useful functions, such as DateAdd(), ToDate(), etc
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