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Restricted Field Sets Overview

AdaptiveWork provides an extensive way to control access to data in the application. With Restricted Field Sets, you can further define access to field data for your Users.

The access to data is a combination of:

  • The User's enhanced level permissions (which entity the User can view or edit)
  • The User's profile (which fields the User can view)
  • The Restricted Fields Sets (sets of fields the User can access)

How does it work?

In a Restricted Field Set, you group the standard and custom fields for a category of data that should not be available to all users, such as Salaries, or Billing and Cost rates. Access to the fields included in a Restricted Field Set is limited to the users that are associated to the Restricted Field Set.

Fields that are not included in a Restricted Field Set by default can be accessed by all users. Access to such field data is based on the User's profile and enhanced level permissions.


  • Restricted Field Sets work only when Enhanced level permissions are enabled.
  • There is some data that cannot be configured with Restrictive Field sets, such as: Versions, Financial time-phased data, Labor resources link, and Non-labor resource link. Instead, inheritance rules apply to this data.
  • A maximum of 20 Restricted Field Sets can be created for an organization.
  • Once created, Restricted Field Sets can be edited, but they cannot be deleted.