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Days Function

Days (number as Numeric, isWorking as Boolean) as Duration

Category: Date
Description: Returns duration value in days. If IsWorking (optional parameter, default is FALSE) set to TRUE returns only the working duration.
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
number as Numeric Numeric value or reference to a numeric field
isWorking as Boolean An optional parameter that allows you to return only work days or calendar days. Enter a value of "TRUE" for working days, or "FALSE" for total calendar days
Returned value as Duration Returns a duration value in days based on the "number" parameter entered either as working hours or calendar hours as determined in the "isWorking" parameter
Example #1

Create a formula based custom field that will supply a rough extimation (in days) for the resolution of an issue, based on other fields that specify that complexity and priority of the issue. Set within the formula that days function, that will automatically set the due date to 7 working days.


  • To update standard date/date time fields, use workflow rules
  • Review other date and duration useful functions, such as DateAdd(), ToDate(), etc
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