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IsManuallySet Function

IsManuallySet (field as Object) as Boolean

Category: Logical
Description: Returns TRUE if value of the specified field is changed manually, if the specified field is changed by the system will return FALSE
Supported Context: BusinessRules
field as Object Represents a specific object field
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value, where "TRUE" indicates that the field specified in the "field" parameter is manually set and therefore not the automatically calculated field value
Example #1

To build a business rule that automatically updates the 'Start Date' of a work item if its predecessors were completed ahead of schedule, and the work item does not have a manually set start date, use the "Reschedule" action within a workflow for the 'Start Date' and set its Evaluation Criteria to be:

$Executable && Not(IsManuallySet($StartDate)) && ($StartDate > Now())

Example #2

To build a workflow rule that adds a comment to a projects 'Comment Field' if the project status is manually set to "off track", set the Evaluation Criteria to be:

IsManuallySet($TrackStatus) && $TrackStatus = "Off Track"

Example #3

And select the "Update Field" action, setting the 'Additional Comments' field to:

"state changed manually to: " +ToString($TRackStatus)+ "\n" + GetPreviousValue($AdditionalComments)

  • To set standard field values based on formulas, create workflow rules
  • To set a carriage return in a string, use the "\n" string
Note this function is only available for Business Rules
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