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Planview Customer Success Center

Creating boards

Creating a new Board allows you to defines views based on your specific needs - either it is a Team view, or a Value stream view.

  1. Click the Boards icon.
  2. Click Create Board.
  3. In the Create Board dialog, the logged-in user is automatically set as the owner of the board. To change the owner to a different user, click the avatar and then select a different user.
  4. Enter a name for the board.
  5. By default, the board is private and can only be accessed by the owner. To share the board with other users:
    1. Click Make Public.
    2. Click Add Users and then select the users who should have access to the board. Learn more about Board permissions


Deleting boards

Boards can be deleted but cannot be retrieved. Only the Owner or Editor are able to delete boards. Note that default views cannot be deleted.