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Not Function

Not (logical as Boolean) as Boolean

Category: Logical
Description: Changes FALSE to TRUE or TRUE to FALSE for the given value
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules
logical as Boolean Represents a boolean value or a field or expression that returns a boolean value
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value that changes FALSE to TRUE or TRUE to FALSE for the value given in the "logical" parameter
Example #1

Build a workflow rule that will automatically mark an invited user as external if the email domain does not contain "@acme". Set the Evaluation Criteria to:


Example #2

Build a validation rules that prevents clearing the value of the 'Target Project' field (assuming it was previously filled). Set the Evaluation Criteria to be"

IsNull($PlannedFor) && Not(IsNull(GetPreviousValue($PlannedFor)))

Example #3

To check if a user is marked as "External", or to check the value of any boolean field, use the following formula:


Tips The && expression is used for "and" within formula's while || is used for "or"