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Planview Customer Success Center

Configuring roadmaps

You can change the roadmap name, the group by property, and which properties you want to use for the bar color and fill. You can also add a duration bar, milestones, percentage value and a color-coded dot that represents a project property such as the schedule status, importance, or geographical region.

  1. Click Actions > Roadmap settings.
  2. Specify the name and group by property.
  3. Under the Project Appearance, you can select settings for the following:

  4. To configure the project bar:

    1. Enable the Project bar option to display the settings.
    2. In the Color list, select the phase to be use for the color of the project bar.
    3. In the Fill list, select the field whose progress is displayed by the project bar.
  5. To display the baseline or planned duration of the project:
    1. Enable the Duration Comparison option.
    2. Select Baseline Duration or Planned Duration.
  6. To display a duration bar under the project bar for comparison:
    1. Enable the Duration comparison option.
    2. Select Baseline Duration or Planned Duration.
  7. To display milestones:
    1. Enable the Milestones option.
    2. Select the phase whose color to use for the milestone.
  8. To display a dot that is color-coded by project property:
    1. Enable the Dot Indication option.
    2. Select the project property.
  9. To display a percentage value beside the project name:
    1. Enable the Additional Text Info option.
    2. Select the percentage field whose value to use.
  10. Click Save.