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FindCustomer Function

FindCustomer (customer as String) as ObjectIdentifier

Category: ObjectReference
Description: Returns the customer object, where the "customer" parameter can either be the customer name, an email address of a customer contact or the customer domain name.
Supported Context: BusinessRules
customer as String Represents a reference to a customer object, can either be the customer name, an email address of a customer contact, or a customer's domain name
Returned value as ObjectIdentifier Returns a reference to a specific customer object
Example #1

Create an InterAct rule on the Support mailbox that allows your customers to submit email to case tickets. This rule will also allow you to link the Customer to the Issue, so that you can keep track of all Customer bugs, issues, etc.

Using the NewObject action in the rule select the Issue Customer Link to create the link between the newly created issue and the Customer.

In the Entity section enter the Issue (generally speaking this would be NewObject1) and in the Customer section enter the following:


Using the email address of the customer contact, this function will locate the relevant customer.