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IsLeaf Function

IsLeaf (workItem as ObjectIdentifier) as Boolean

Category: Logical
Description: Returns a value of TRUE if the work item specified is a leaf object, i.e. an object with no children
Supported Context: BusinessRules
workItem as ObjectIdentifier(Work Item) Represents a specific work item or field that references a specific work item
Returned value as Boolean Returns a boolean value, where "TRUE" indicates that the work item specified in the "workItem" parameter is a leaf object (i.e. an object with no children or sub-object)
Example #1

Build a scheduled workflow rule that sends an email to a work item manager if the work item is a leaf and the Start Date has past with no assigned resources.

In the evaluation criteria enter the following:

IsLeaf(currentobject()) && $StartDate < Today() && $ResourcesCount = 0