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GetWorkingTimeForFixedPeriod Function

GetWorkingTimeForFixedPeriod (user as ObjectIdentifier, period as String) as Duration

Category: Date
Description: Returns the Working Time for a user for the selected period. Where the "user" argument can be a specific user or a reference to user field, and the "period" is either "y" for current year, "q" for current quarter, "m" for current month, or "w" for current week.
Supported Context: BusinessRules
user as ObjectIdentifier(User) Represents a reference to a user object or a field that returns a user object
period as String Represents the frame of time for which you would like to know the total working hours. Value can be either "d", "w", "m" corresponding to day, week, month
Returned value as Duration Returns a duration value equal to the total number of working hours for the user specified in the "user" parameter for the given "period"
Example #1

Calculate the Bill to Burn KPI on the user entity.

Within a workflow rule, select the "Update Field" action and select the custom field Bill to Burn KPI (needs to be created by your organization first).

$C_BilltoBurn/(GetWorkingTimeForFixedPeriod(CurrentUser(), 'w')/Hours(1))