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Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet Approvals

This page describes approvals for Timesheets and includes the following sections:

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About Timesheet Approvals

The Approvals module is designed for managers as a personal view listing of all Timesheet entries submitted by employees for approval, either by employees directly managed by you or resources assigned to work items in projects you manage.

Approving a Timesheet is a contributing factor for completing a work item’s life-cycle , where the Timesheet updates a work item's actual efforts within projects. Once approval is granted, the hours are reflected in the related project and percentage complete is shown on individual work items.
Reopening a submitted or approved Timesheet entry enables making additional changes or corrections.

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Viewing Submitted, Unsubmitted or Approved Timesheets

  1. From the Navigation Panel , click 202073488_nav_approvals.jpg

    The Approvals module opens in Timesheets mode (DEFAULT) .


Figure 1: Approvals Timesheets

  1. Click 202073498_submitted_btn.jpg to toggle between Submitted , Unsubmitted or Approved from the drop-down menu.


The module shows the Timesheet(s) of the selected status type.

Selecting Time Range to View

  1. Perform the (above) steps for viewing submitted, unsubmitted or approved Timesheets.
  2. Click 202030307_thisweek_btn.jpg located adjacent to 'Timesheets for:' to select the time range to view.


The module shows the Timesheet(s) for the selected time range.

Viewing ‘People’ or ‘Customers and Projects View’

  1. Perform all steps of the above two procedures.
  2. Click 202073508_people_btn.jpg located adjacent to 'Column Set:' to select People or Customers and Projects View .


The module shows the Timesheet(s) according to the selected column set.

Approving Timesheets

  1. From the Navigation Panel , c lick 202030337_nav_approvals.jpg

    The Approvals module opens in Timesheets mode (DEFAULT) .
  2. Ensure 202073518_submitted_btn.jpg (adjacent to 'Show:' ) is the option set .


Figure 2: Show:

If not, select Submitted from the drop-down menu; 202073528_click_sub.jpg

  1. Select the time range of Timesheets intended to view.
  2. Select 'People’ or ‘Customers and Projects View’ .

    Timesheet(s) of the selected column set for the selected time range are displayed.
  • Select a specific Timesheet to view details, and click 202073538_go_tots.jpg

  • Click to select a Timesheet to approve.

  • Click and drag to select several Timesheets to approve.


Tip: Pressing the Ctrl key while clicking to multi-select grid items is supported.
  1. From the Approve drop-down menu, choose 202030367_apporove.png

    The selected Timesheet(s) is/are approved.
Note: The options to Submit for Approval and Reopen are valid when Unsubmitted or Approved are selected from the 'Show:' drop-down menu.

Printing Timesheets

  1. Perform steps from the above procedures to view submitted, unsubmitted or approved Timesheets , select the time range and to approve Timesheets in order to select the Timesheets intended for printing.
  2. Click 202030377_print_apprvs-1-.jpg

    The browser's Print dialog opens.
  3. Configure as necessary, and click 202073548_print.jpg

    The selected Timesheet(s) is/are printed.