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GetCostRate Function

GetCostRate(date as Date,currency as String,sourceObject as ObjectIdentifier,isRegular as Boolean)

Category: Currency
Description: Gives you the Cost Rate for a particular Job Title, User, Assigned Resource on a particular date
Supported Context: Formula Field And Business Rules
date as Date The Date you want the Rate for. Fully supported by date effective rates, this enables you easily access future or historic rates.
currency as String A parameter that accepts the Currency type that you would like the currency field’s amount to be shown in as. Accepts three letter currency code (such as "USD").
sourceObject as Object Identifier This will normally be a Job Title, User, or Assigned Resource on a Project/Milestone/Task
IsRegular as Boolean TRUE will return the Regular Hourly Rate. FALSE will return the Overtime Hourly Rate
Returned value as Currency Tricode String Returns a hourly cost rate in the currency type specified in the "currency" parameter