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GetCurrencyType Function

Currency (Field Identifier as String) as String

Category: Currency
Description: Takes a currency field of any item and returns the currency type tricode e.g. “USD” , ”JPY” , “CAD” , “EUR”)
Supported Context: Conditional Formatting, Formula Field And Business Rules
currency as Field Identifier A mandatory parameter that accepts the Currency field for an object that you want to see the currency type.
Returned value as Currency Tricode String Returns the currency type tricode e.g. “USD” , ”JPY” , “CAD” , “EUR”
Example #1

Create a validation rule that blocks adding a Resource to a Project when their Billing Rate Currency does not match the Cost Currency Type of the Project. Note: 'Not equals' in the code example below should be replaced with the correct not equals symbol that could not be inserted as it affects the code of this page.

$GetCurrencyType($Resource.RevenueRegularRate) not equals $WorkItem.CostCurrencyType

  • Does not support date effectivity and will always return the current currency type.