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Suppress emails to Admins when new users are added

What's New?

A standard way to suppress emails to Admins when new users are added to the Organization


Many organizations have multiple AdaptiveWork Admins. Some organizations let regular users add new users. So you'll normally want to keep track of users being added.

However, if you're loading in hundreds or thousands of users with initial bulk import, Active Directory sync, Data Loader, API integrations or External Collaborator, or if you allow your users to add as many email or unlicensed users as they like, you can now spare your fellow Admins from receiving these informational emails.

How it works

A new system setting in the Alerts section.

It's Off by default, which means Admins continue to get email notifications.

Toggle it to On especially if you're doing a bulk upload of users via API or Data Loader.

Toggle it off again if you want Admins to receive email notifications again.