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GetFirstUser Function

GetFirstUser (users as String) as ObjectIdentifier

Category: ObjectReference
Description: Returns the first user from a string of users, where "users" parameter is a string of users seperated by a comma, each element in the string can either be the login name of a user, an email address of a user, full name of a user, parameter or email CC list.
Supported Context: BusinessRules
users as String Represents a string of type text of users seperated by a comma where each element in the string can either be a user's user name, an email address, full name or a reference to a field that returns a string of users (i.e. EmailbOject.Cc)
Returned value as ObjectIdentifier Returns a reference to a user object of the first known user in the list
Example #1

Create an InterAct rule on the Work Item Mailbox that will parse the email's CC list and return the first user in order to assign them as the owner of the task.

Using the NewObject action select the Resource link, in the WorkItem enter CurrentObject() and in the Resource enter the following: