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Planview Customer Success Center

Configuring cards

Cards can be customized to reflect the information that is relevant to your organization. For example customizing which User type will be displayed on the Card - Task Owner or allocated Resource.

  1. For Boards that you are the Owner or Editor, select the Card view.
  2. In the Card view, click the View settings button.


  3. In the View settings popup, set the default sorting and grouping for the view. Note that you can group the cards by any Pick List fields. You can also decide to hide by default the empty columns. 
  4. Under the Card Appearance, you can set:


    • User - Select the User type to display on the Card.
    • Card bar color - Select standard or custom Picklist field type.
    • Time tracking - Select Actual Work, Remaining Effort
    • Progress bar and fill - Select standard or custom Percent field type
    • Dates - Select up to 3 standard or custom Date fields.
    • Card labels: Select up to 6 standard or custom Picklist fields.