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GetHiddenRuntimeParameter Function

GetHiddenRuntimeParameter (paramValue0 as Object, paramValue1 as Object, paramValue2 as Object, paramValue3 as Object, paramValue4 as Object, ... as Object) as String

Category: Common
Description: Returns a string representing a runtime parameter of any type that will be hidden by a custom action.
Supported Context: FormulaField And BusinessRules

paramValue0 as Object

paramValue1 as Object

paramValue2 as Object

paramValue3 as Object

paramValue4 as Object

... as Object

Returned value as String

Example #1

GetCustomActionURL('New Project',GetRunTimeParameter(CurrentObject()), GetHiddenRunTimeParameter('First Variable'))

This is mainly used as a way to pass data to a custom action where, when passed, that field in no longer visible on the form. This is helpful when you want to pass data in the background.