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Cards view overview

The Card view is a Kanban-style board that provides is visual workflow in which users can move cards from lane to lane. Agile and hybrid teams can use the cards, columns, and continuous improvement to determine the right amount of work to commit to in the defined period. You can group the lanes by any field. When cards are moved from one lane to another the relevant data is updated across the application.

The cards that appear in the view are determined by your permissions and the board settings.

The Card view can be set by the owner or editor for the board. Viewers cannot configure the View settings, but they can add columns and modify the default columns that are set by the board owner. The current user's settings are saved during their session.

The Card view is supported in boards for tasks and cases, and in details views for portfolios and projects.



Portfolio Cards

Use Cards to see your Programs and Projects in a linear fashion.

Note: Sub-Projects are not displayed, and cannot be added.


The card should be sorted and grouped based on your use case. By default, cards are sorted based on the Due Date and grouped by State.

You can hide the columns that have no data by selecting the Hide Empty Columns option on the Group By list.


You can then drag and drop Projects between columns to easily update their statuses. 

Expand or collapse columns to show or hide a group. You can also hide empty columns from the Group by option. 


Click on the card menu to see more details or delete the Project.


Task Cards

The Cards View for Tasks displays your Tasks on a board. The Cards View provides a birdseye view of your Tasks, with options to sort and group Tasks, as well as update a Task's Status, Phase, etc. using drag and drop.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.23.29 PM.png

In Card View, you will see Tasks that you own or where you are assigned as a resource.

Coming soon: If you are a manager, you will also see Tasks assigned to resources that you manage.

Sort by

Select how to sort Tasks within the columns.


You can choose:

  • Due Date
  • Status
  • Project Manager
  • Importance
  • Project Score
Group by
Select how to group Tasks into columns on the board.
You can choose:
  • Status
  • Phase
  • Importance
  • State
Swim-lanes by

In the card view, you can arrange the view via swim lanes that allows you to organize your work items in different ways.  

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.26.01 PM.png

Once in the swim lane view, you will be able to drag and drop cards from one column to another and reposition them as desired.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.42.31 PM.png

Collapse Columns

Expand or collapse columns to show or hide a group. You can also hide empty columns from the Group by option. 



Managing Tasks

On each card, you can see the Task dates, the number of successors and predecessors, the owner, etc.

Click on the 3-dot menu for more options.


  • Details: The Task's Property Card displays additional Task details that you can edit
  • Delete: Delete the Task


Cases Cards

View Cases on cards.


By default, Cases are grouped by their type, but you can choose to view them by State or Importance.


You can also choose a sorting option.



Select multiple Cases to delete them or to change their status.


More Options

Click on the 3-dot menu to open the Case's property card to see and edit more details.


Add a new Case.