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GetAssignedProjectCapacityForGivenPeriod Function

GetAssignedProjectCapacityForGivenPeriod(user as ObjectIdentifier, project as ObjectIdentifier, dateTime1 as DateTime, dateTime2 as DateTime)

Category: Resource Utilization
Description: Returns a duration value indicating the Assigned Project Capacity for the specified User in the given time range for a specified project. This should be the same number that is displayed in the Resource Planning.
Supported Context: Business Rules
user as ObjectIdentifier(User) Represents a reference to a user object or a field that returns a user object. Normally this will be a resource on a project. project as ObjectIdentifier(project)
Represents a project object for which you would like to know the resource’s assigned capacity.
Represents a reference to a from date as DateTime(year,month,day,hour,minute,second) e.g. DateTime(Year(Today()),1,1,08,00,00) or field that returns a date value e.g. Start Date
dateTime2 Represents a reference to a to date as DateTime(year,month,day,hour,minute,second) e.g. DateTime(Year(Today()),12,31,08,00,00) or field that returns a date value e.g. Due Date
Example #1
Create a Custom Action “Quick Quote” on a new Project –
In the Evaluation Criteria enter the following:
IsResourceAvailableForFixedPeriod(currentuser(),"w",100, "Active", "Draft", "On Hold")
Create a Project with no tasks
Set its Duration to 6 months
Add Resources to the project and set their monthly % Assigned Project Capacity
Run the Custom Action
Tips Use this value in conjunction with a user’s rate to calculate projected cost or revenue from billing for a particular project.